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Tips to avoid Defaults in TDS Returns

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Make sure taxes are deducted on time and at correct deduction rates /amount. The applicable section under which the deduction falls should be correctly applied. Tax needs to be deducted… Read more »

Special Discount on TDSMAN

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Use TDSMAN Software to simplify your TDS Returns preparation and effectively handle defaults and corrections. It will serve you for: ✔  All TDS Returns for FY: 2018-19 ✔  Online Filing… Read more »

TDSMAN updated with FVU ver. 5.9 & FVU ver. 2.155

TDSMAN has been updated for the following newly released File Validation Utilities: FVU ver. 5.9 – For statement pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards FVU ver. 2.155 – For statement up to FY… Read more »