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Employers required to collect PAN of the lender banks from the employees to claim Interest in House Property in the salary return

The Finance Act, 2015 had introduced a new section 192(2D) of the Income-tax Act, wherein the employer was obliged to collect the necessary evidence or proof in Form 12BB  to… Read more »

FVU 6.1 & FVU 2.157 released by NSDL

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The Income Tax Department has released today (12th April 2019), the following new File Validation Utilities: FVU version 6.1 – For statement pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards FVU version 2.157… Read more »

TDS Compliances for the Month of April 2019

Last date for payment of tax deductions for March 2019 – 30th  April, 2019. Filing of TDS Returns for the quarter ended March 2019 (FY:2018-19 Quarter 4) is already under… Read more »