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Online and offline PAN verification

There are two types of PAN verification procedure:

1. Online 

2. Offline

The Online PAN Verification can be verified by filling out the core details mentioned in the PAN Card. This facility can be used by the entities who receive copy of PAN application for any purpose. This facility can also be used by the PAN applicant to know their PAN. For government users and financial institutions online bulk PAN verification facility is also available. Kindly write to the DIT(S)-III, Directorate of Income-tax(Systems), E-2, ARA Center, Ground Floor, Jhandewalan Ext., New Delhi – 110055.

To enable eligible Entities verify Permanent Account Numbers (PANs), Income Tax Department (ITD) has authorized NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL) to launch an online PAN verification service for verification of PANs by authorized entities.

Entities who can avail of this facility:

  • Department of Commercial Taxes
  • Government Agencies (Central/State)
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Banks
  • Depositories
  • Depository Participants
  • Mutual Funds
  • Companies (Required to furnish Annual Information Return)
  • Credit card Companies / Institutions
  • Any other entity required to furnish Annual Information Return
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Companies and Government deductor (Required to file TDS/TCS return)
  • Insurance Company
  • Educational Institutions established by Regulatory Bodies
  • KYC Registration Agency (KRA)
  • Credit information companies approved by RBI

There are three modes of verification of PAN:

(1) Screen based verification

(2) File based verification 

(3) Software (API) based verification.

 Screen based verification:

The users, after login, can furnish up to a maximum of five PANs in the screen provided. The PANs may be entered in the boxes provided in the screen and then submitted. The response giving details of PAN will be displayed in the response screen.

File based verification:

The users, after login, can upload a file containing maximum of 1000 PANs (file structure as specified by NSDL). The site will make available, within 24 hours, a response file containing details of the PANs. In case, file format is incorrect, the system will convey the rejection within 24 hours. The entity can download the response at his convenience up to 15 days.

Software (API) based PAN verification:

The facility is an interface that allows the user to make an online verification of PAN by accessing the verification-site through a software application.


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