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CPC (TDS) communication for payment of outstanding Short Payment Defaults

According to CPC (TDS), there are outstanding short payment defaults for TDS statements filed by deductors. The letter issued by¬†CPC (TDS) to deductors in this regard is given as followed:… Read more »

CPC automates default identification process in respect of TDS statements

The Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) automated the Default identification process in respect of TDS statements submitted. CPC (TDS) has¬†highlighted the need for correct and complete reporting of data in the… Read more »

Correction Statements cannot be prepared for F.Y. 2013-14 using FVU 3.8

The newly released FVU version 3.8 (w.e.f 01/07/2013) by NSDL cannot be used for preparing Correction Statements for F.Y. 2013-14. Therefore, it is more likely to believe that new version… Read more »