CBDT Press Release on mass prosecution notices

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Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) | Press Release | 20.01.2019

New Delhi: Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) today said that certain news items that appeared in a section of media regarding enmasse issue of prosecution notices to small companies for TDS default are completely misleading and full of factual inaccuracies. CBDT clarified that Mumbai Income Tax TDS office has issued prosecution show cause notices only in a limited number of big cases where more than Rs. 5 lakh of tax was collected as TDS from employees etc and yet the same was not deposited with the Income Tax Department in time.

CBDT said that some defaulter companies and vested interests are deliberately misleading the media to thwart action against themselves. Having deducted tax from employees and other taxpayers and not depositing the same in time in the government treasury is an offence punishable under the law. It also affects interest of the employees from whose salary the tax has been deducted by the unscrupulous employers who have not deposited the same in time in the government treasury. If the TDS is not deposited in time, the employee would be ineligible for claiming credit of the tax deducted when he files his own return.

CBDT stated that in last one month only in 50 big cases prosecution notices have been issued by Mumbai IT TDS office. Out of these, in 80% of the cases the TDS tax default is above Rs. 10 lakh and in 10 % cases TDS default is between Rs. 5 to 10 lakh. In the remaining 10% cases, TDS default is of more than Rs. 1 crore as detected in the survey. Prosecutions have also recently been launched against 4 big business houses where more than Rs 50 Crore of tax was collected by them from the tax payers and yet not deposited with the Government in time. But such legal and rightful action is being unfortunately projected in the media by the vested interests as if the department is going overboard to harass small employers.

It would be pertinent to note that in a country of 130 Crore people where around 6 Crore returns are filed every year, only a total of 1400 prosecutions have been filed so far for various offences under the Income Tax Act during this financial year. This, by any stretch of imagination, cannot be termed as mass harassment by the income tax department. Therefore, to say that prosecution notices enmasse have been sent to taxpayers for minor defaults is completely incorrect and misleading, CBDT added.

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TDS Returns Software for FY: 2019-20 Released

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On popular demand, we are pleased to announce the release of TDSMAN (FY: 2019-20). Now you can prepare TDS Returns for Q3 & Q4 of FY: 2018-19 and all quarters of the next FY: 2019-20.

It covers:

  • All TDS Returns for FY: 2019-20
  • All TDS Returns for FY: 2018-19
  • Pending TDS Returns of earlier years, if any
  • Rectification of TDS Defaults

TDSMAN is packaged with advanced corrective and validation features that help you prepare zero error TDS Returns. Visit www.tdsman.com for more information.

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Consequences of TDS defaults

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Failure to deduct taxes or wrong deduction of TDS (non deposit, short deposit or late deposit) :

Default/ Failure Section
Nature of Demand Quantum of demand or penalty

Failure to deduct tax at source

201(1) Tax demand Equal to tax amount deductible but not deducted
201(1A) Interest @1 % p.m. of tax deductible
271C Penalty Equal amount of tax deductible but not deducted
Failure to deposit tax at source 201(1) Tax demand Equal to tax amount not deposited
201(1A) Interest @1.5% p.m. of tax not deducted
276B Prosecution Rigorous imprisonment for a term for a minimum of 3 months which may extend to 7 years and with fine
Failure to apply for TAN No. u/s 203A 272BB Penalty Rs. 10000
Failure to furnish prescribed statements u/s 200(3) 272A(2)(k) Penalty Rs. 200 every day during which the failure continues subject to maximum of TDS amount
Failure to issue TDS certificate u/s 203 272(A)(g) Penalty Rs. 100 every day during which the failure continues subject to maximum of TDS amount.
Failure to furnish statement of perquisite or profit in lieu of salary u/s 192(2C) 272(A)(i) Penalty Rs. 100 every day during which the failure continues subject to maximum of TDS amount
Failure to mention PAN of the deductee in the TDS statements and certificates 272B Penalty

Rs. 10000

If TDS return is not filed within the specified due dates being 31st January, 2019 for the 3rd quarter corresponding to FY 2018-19, the major consequences would be levy interest.

However in case of payments made under sec. 194A, 194C, 194H, 194I and 194J in respect of individual and HUF, only if the turnover or professional receipt exceeds sum of Rs. 1 Crore or Rs. 25 Lacs respectively in previous year, there is a requirement to deduct tax at source.


Calculation of Late Payment Interest

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If the tax is deducted on 8th June it becomes due on 7th of next month i.e. 7th July (except for March for which it is 30th April), if this tax is deposited on 10th July to the government’s account i.e. not before 7th of July then it attracts interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or part of the month i.e. 2 months in this case, as it attracts interest from 8th June totalling to 3% of the amount.

Difference between Late Payment & Late Deduction

Interest on Late Payment of TDS

Interest on Late Deduction of TDSFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail