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Reasons for rejection of correction statement by TDSCPC

Following are the common reasons for rejecting a correction statement:

  • TAN is not valid as per data at TDSCPC
  • Statement corresponding to regular token number / previous token number field, as given in correction return, does not exist
  • Previous token number does not correspond to the last accepted correction statement at TDSCPC
  • Correction is filed for a regular return which is in cancelled state
  • In a correction statement, below are the verification keys which should match with the corresponding fields of regular statement :
    • RRR assessment year
    • Return Financial Year
    • Periodicity
    • Previous Token number
    • Last TAN of Deductor
    • Receipt number of Original / Regular Return
    • Form number
  • Sum given in 27A form should match with the sum of deducted amount of deductee records given in the correction statement



TDSMAN updated with FVU ver. 4.6 & FVU ver. 2.142

TDSMAN software has been updated for the newly released File Validation Utilities (FVU ver. 4.6 and FVU ver. 2.142). 

All licensed and trial users are advised to update the software and File Validation Utility from the Utilities menu provided in the software in order to process the TDS returns.

Click here to view the key features of FVU version 4.6.
Click here to view the key features of FVU version 2.142.
Click here for the analysis of FVU version 4.6.

Validation of Form 24Q (Salary TDS) will now be possible with the increased Deduction limit u/s 80 CCE to Rs. 1,50,000/- (earlier it was Rs. 1,00,000).


Analysis of File Validation Utility (FVU) Version 4.6

The long awaited FVU has been released late evening on 20th April 2015. Brief analysis of the same is as under: 

Mandatory to quote PAN of Responsible Person:

It is now mandatory to quote the PAN of the Responsible Person in all Regular TDS Returns and Correction Statements. It is applicable for all returns / corrections filed on or after 21st April 2015 irrespective of the financial year. This would help the Department identify the person better. 

Enhancement of Deduction under section 80CCE:

As per The Finance Bill 2014, the limit of Deduction under section 80CCE has been enhanced to Rs. 1,50,000 effective from financial year 2014-15 (earlier it was Rs. 1,00,000). Now Employee Deductors will be able to file the TDS Returns for Form 24Q (Salary) for Quarter 4 of FY:2014-15. Till now they were unable to validate their Returns with the earlier FVU. 

Reduction of Applicable List on ‘Nature of Remittance’ in Form 27Q (Foreign Remittances):

Earlier there were 66 categories to choose from defining the nature of remittance in foreign currency. This has now been reclassified by reducing the list to only 12 categories to select from. By consolidation, this would substantially reduce ambiguity. 

Correction Statements – Enablement of Updating ‘Tax Deposit Amount’ in Deductee Details:

Till now if tax was deducted at a higher rate owing to non-availability of PAN or for any other reason, the process of Corrections did not allow (as it was disabled) to update the ‘Tax Deposit Amount’ in the applicable Deductee Record. This has now been enabled – which implies that it would be possible to correct the ‘Tax Deposit Amount’. This had been causing a lot of inconvenience and was a long standing demand by tax deductors. 

For Government Deductors: 

Quoting AIN mandatory if TDS deposited through Book Entry:

If Government Deductors are making TDS / TCS payments through Book Entry, it is now mandatory to provide the AIN (Account Office Identification Number). 

Quoting of BIN Details mandatory for TDS / TCS Returns from FY:2013-14 onwards:

It is now mandatory to quote the BIN (Book Identification Number) for all payments made through Book Entry. This is applicable for all TDS / TCS Returns from financial year 2013-14 filed on and from 21st April 2015 onwards.


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