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CBDT noticed 5,09,898 taxpayers have not filed ITR for AY 2014-15

CBDT has noticed that 5,09,898 taxpayers who have submitted an e-return for AY 2011-12 or 2012-13 or AY 2013-14 (Upto 20th October 2014) with returned Income of More than 10 Lakh or paid self assessment tax of more than / equal to one lakh (as per ITR)  have not filed ITR for AY 2014-15.

In this regard, Joint Director of Income tax Systems has issued a letter dated 29.10.2014. The board has desired that CCsIT should personally monitor these cases.

Click here to view the issued letter.


Request for download of Conso File will not be accepted in case there are unmatched challans in the selected statement

An important message has been displayed for the deductors on the TRACES website regarding downloading of conso file. 

The displayed message has been given below: 

Attention Deductors: Your request for download of Conso File will not be accepted in case there are unmatched challans in the selected statement. Please match all challans through Online Correction before submitting request for Conso File. 

This means that if there are any unmatched challans in the TDS statement filed by the deductor, the correction statement for that TDS statement cannot be filed for such regular statement for errors such as PAN Error, Short deduction due to incorrect reporting of certificates, interest and late fee payments etc. The correction statement will be filed only when all the challans in the statement are matched. 

This may arise a question that how will the unmatched challans be matched in absence of download of conso files for correction of statements. 

For this purpose, CPC (TDS) has provided an utility called Online Challan Correction through which any mismatch in challans in the statements filed by the deductors can be corrected through the online mechanism on the CPC (TDS) website itself. 

Click here to view the e- Tutorial for Online Challan Correction.

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