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CPC (TDS) reminder to Banks for raising Flag “B” in TDS Quarterly Statements against 15G/H transactions

CPC (TDS) has issued a communication to banks regarding raising of Flag “B” in TDS Quarterly Statements against 15G/H transactions. The issued communication has been given below: Dear Deductor (TAN… Read more »

CPC (TDS) advisory for closure of Short Payment Defaults using Online Correction facility

CPC (TDS) has issued a advisory communication in which it has recommended deductors that in case there are Short Payment Defaults in their TDS Statements due to Mismatch of Challans… Read more »

Preparation, validation and e-Filing of e-TDS Returns

e-TDS return has to be prepared in accordance with the file format prescribed by the Income Tax Department. NSDL has provided free downloadable utility at http://tin-nsdl.com for the purpose of preparation of e-TDS return. Alternatively, various… Read more »