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TDSMAN is capable of handling large volumes of data spread over multiple assessees. Its usability is ideally fabricated to suit all types of assessees including corporates, banking and insurance companies, government bodies and above all the SMEs & individuals.

To experience the ease in preparing e-TDS returns with TDSMAN,  Download Its Free-Trial.

10 thoughts on “Free Trial

  1. vijay

    I have some personal issue with my Past company so i am unable to go and collect my tds form from my past company so is their any chance to collect outside any website.

  2. dipak khatri

    I am a LIC agent. geting commission from LIC. LIC pay me after deducting TDS on commission. In which ITR I have to file the Income Tax Return to get the Refund. and also suggest me last 4 F.Y.(2009-10,2010-11,2011-2012,& 2012-13 we have not income tax return filing) If I file the return after 31st July, 2014, shall I be eligible toget the refund of all last 4 F.Y.which can not filing? now we can get the refund of TDS on commission?
    Please suggest

    1. subir nandy

      I was submit AY 2012-2013 TDS return select option U/S 139(1) before due date so please suggest I am right or wrong?


    I have inadvertently put my bank account wrong so refund has been returned. I want rectify the same

  4. syndicate

    The conso file request in traces has been given 2 days before. It is still shown submitted status. Kindly let us know how to get the conso file in a faster method.

  5. ravindra d. hajare

    i had already filed return for the AY 2012-13. I have recieved demnand due to nonpayment of income tax, tax deducted from my salary but was not paid into my PAN, hence there is mismatch. I have applied for rectification. what should I do?


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