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Deductees reported in TDS Statements with structurally Valid, but actually Invalid PANs

CPC(TDS) has observed from its records that many deductors have reported deductees with invalid PANs in the quarterly TDS statements. These PANs appear structurally valid but they are invalid. CPC(TDS)… Read more »

Facility to download TCS Certificates in Form 27D from TRACES website

CPC(TDS) has provided a feature of downloading Form 27D, the Tax Collection Certificate for Deductees forming part of TCS Statements, filed in the form of 27EQ. Refer to the following… Read more »

Transaction Based Report for NRI deductees at TRACES

CPC(TDS) has introduced a new feature on TRACES for generating Transaction Based Report (TBR) in respect of deductees reported in 27Q TDS Statements. The report provides with a summary of… Read more »