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Section 194N – TDS on Cash Withdrawals

In an endeavor to reduce cash payments/withdrawals the Budget of 2019 introduced Section 194N; which states that TDS shall be deducted by the payer in case of cash withdrawal above a given threshold.


  • Applies in case of cash withdrawals of more than Rs 1 crore during a financial year.
  • Applies to sum of money or an aggregate of sums withdrawn from a particular payer in a financial year.
  • The deduction shall be made only on the excess amount (i.e. Above Rs.1 Cr withdrawal).
  • Exception: The threshold for an Individual who has not filled has not filed income tax return for three years immediately preceding years shall be Rs.20L instead of Rs. 1Cr.

Deduction By Whom?

The payer making the cash payment will have to deduct TDS under Section 194N:

  • Any bank (private or public sector)
  • A co-operative bank
  • A post office

The threshold of Rs. 1.00 Crore for Section 194N will apply after aggregating all cash withdrawals in one financial year from the multiple branches of the same Bank. However, this threshold of Rs. 1.00 would be separate for each Bank (with all its branches clubbed).

Rate of Deduction:

  • The payer will have to deduct TDS at the rate of 2% on the cash payments/withdrawals of more than Rs 1 crore in a financial year under Section 194N.

Thus, if aggregate cash withdrawals from the same Bank in one FY is Rs. 1.15 Crores, TDS would be 2% of Rs. 15 lakhs, amounting to Rs. 30,000.


  • Exception: If an Individual receiving money has not filled the income tax return for three years immediately preceding the previous year- Then TDS rate is 2% on the cash payments/withdrawals of more than Rs 20 lakh and up to Rs 1 crore, and 5% for withdrawal exceeding Rs 1 crore.

Thus, if aggregate withdrawal in one FY is Rs. 1.15Cr, TDS would be Rs. 2.35L (2%*Rs.80L + 5%*Rs.15L)


This section is not applicable in case the payee is-

  • Any government body
  • Any bank including co-operative banks
  • Any business correspondent of a banking company (including co-operative banks)
  • Any white label ATM operator of any bank (including co-operative banks)
  • Any other person notified by the government

How the Deductor can verify the applicability of TDS u/s 194N?

A functionality is added to the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department for Verification of Applicability u/s 194N. The payer/deductor needs to fill the PAN and mobile number and it will show the applicability.

˜Authored by – CA Anushka Saraogi˜

New FVUs Version 7.3 & 2.169 released by NSDL on 12th Oct 2021

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