Special Discount on TDSMAN (FY: 2020-21)

On popular demand, we are pleased to announce the release of TDSMAN (FY: 2020-21). Now you can prepare TDS Returns for Q4 of FY: 2019-20 and all quarters of the next FY: 2020-21:

It covers:

✔  All TDS Returns for FY: 2020-21
✔  All TDS Returns for FY: 2019-20
✔  Pending TDS Returns of earlier years, if any
✔  Online Filing
✔  Rectification of TDS Defaults

TDSMAN is packaged with advanced corrective and validation features that help you prepare zero error TDS Returns. Visit www.tdsman.com for more information.

Click Here to download the Trial Version of TDSMAN (FY: 2020-21) for your evaluation.

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10% DISCOUNT ON TDSMAN (FY: 2020-21)
Standard Edition
Regular Price:
Rs. 4,200 + GST @ 18%
Offer Price:
Rs. 3,780
+ GST @ 18%
Professional Edition
Regular Price:
Rs. 8,400 + GST @ 18%
Offer Price:
Rs. 7,560
+ GST @ 18%
Use Promo Code: MAY20
(Offer Valid till 31st May 2020)


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