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  1. Nikunjkumar Bhatt

    Dear Sir,
    The Air Force CentralAccounts Ofice in SubrotoPark,New Delhi paid me arrears of rank pay amounting to Rs. 88261/- from which they deducted Rs. 18182/- as TDS and the balance Rs. 70079/- was credited to my account in Bank e.lecronically.
    My Form 26AS shows the payment of Rs. 88261/- but the column of TDS shows a ‘zero’ !!
    I have written to them twice to rectify any anomaly on part of the deductor/ the Bank but no action has so far been taken.
    Please advise what I should do.

    Thank you,


    N K Bhatt (Retd. Wing Commander, Indian Air Force)

    1. TDSMAN Post author

      Dear Sir,

      Please contact your legal consultant for this so that you can ask them legally to ensure that the TDS has been deducted.


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