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Late Filing of TDS Returns – Fees and Penalty

Fees and Penalty for Late Filing of TDS Returns are as follows: Section 234E-Levy of Fees Failure to submit e-TDS Statement on time will result in fees on the deductor…. Read more »

Common Errors in TDS Returns – Be careful

Following are some useful guidelines to avoid common mistakes, while submitting TDS Statements and you are requested to go through the following in detail. Incorrect reporting of 197 Certificates: Please… Read more »

Statutory provisions attracted on failure to deduct tax

Where the employer has failed to deduct tax or when short deduction of tax has been done, following statutory provisions are attracted:- Charging of interest u/s 201(1A) – The deductor… Read more »

Persons responsible to deduct TDS and the responsibilities of the deductor

The persons responsible to deduct TDS are mainly: Principal Officer of a company for TDS purpose including the employer in case of private employment or an employee making payment on… Read more »