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Points to remember before filing the quarterly TDS statement

Given below are the points one should remember before filing quarterly TDS statement: Correct Reporting: Cancellation of TDS return and deductee row is no longer permissible. Accordingly, it is very important to… Read more »

Bombay High Court Order: No TDS On Salaries Reimbursed Under Secondment Agreement

Bombay High Court has ruled that payment of salary under secondment agreement does not attract tax deducted at source (TDS). Secondment agreement is an agreement between a foreign Company and… Read more »

Fees and Penalty for Late Filing of TDS Returns

Fees and Penalty for Late Filing of TDS Returns are as follows: Section 234E-Levy of Fees  Failure to submit TDS return on time will result in fees on the deductor. If… Read more »

Last date for filing of TDS returns for Q4 of FY: 2016-17 – 31st May, 2017

The last date of filing TDS returns for the fourth quarter of FY 2016-17 falls due on 31st May, 2017. It is very important to file returns on time because… Read more »