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PAN Application Procedure Changed Wef 3.2.14 – Original Proofs Mandatory

The procedure for PAN allotment process will undergo a change w.e.f.03.02.2014. From this date onwards, every PAN applicant has to submit self attested copies of
1. Proof of Identity (POI),
2. Proof of Address (POA) and
3. Date of Birth (DOB) documents

Further person is also required to produce original documents of such POI/POA/DOB documents, for verification at the counter of PAN Facilitation Centres.

The copies of Proof of Identity (POI), Proof of Address (POA) and Date of Birth (DOB) documents attached with PAN application form, will be verified vis a vis their original documents at the time of submission of PAN application at PAN Facilitation Centre.

Original documents shall not be retained by the PAN Facilitation Centres and will be returned back to the applicant after verification.

(Rekha Shukla)
Commissioner of Income Tax (M&TP)
Official Spokesperson, CBDT


Department notice to Tax Payers regarding Form 16/16A

The department has issued a notice to every Tax Payer stating that every tax payer should insist on getting Form 16/16A from their deductor downloaded only from TRACES website.  (

Valid Form 16/16A:

  • Valid Certificate downloaded from TRACES bear 7 character alphabet unique certificate number.
  • It will have TDS-CPC logo on the left side and national emblem on the right side. 


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