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Issuance of the TDS certificate (Form 16A)

TDS certificate is a certificate of tax deduction of source (TDS) by the deductor to the deductee specifying therein the prescribed particulars like amount of TDS, permanent account number (PAN), tax deduction and collection account number (TAN) etc.

The relevant form for such TDS certificate is Form 16 in case of deduction under section 192 (Salary)  and Form 16A for deduction under any other provisions of chapter XVII-B of the Act.

TDS certificate in Form 16 is to be issued annually whereas TDS certificate in Form 16A is to be issued quarterly.

Last date for issuance of the TDS certificate (Form 16A) for Quarter 1 of FY: 2013-14 is 30th July, 2013

Delay in issuing certificates will involve a fine of Rs. 100 per day subject to an upper limit of the tax deducted.  Click here for more details

As per Circular No. 01/2012 dated 09.04.2012, it mandatory for all deductors to issue TDS certificate in Form No. 16A after generating and downloading the same from TRACES website.

One can use TDSMAN software for easy downloading of TDS certificate from TRACES website. 


Process of downloading Form 16A

The process of downloading Form 16A are as follows:

1. Login with your User Id and Password.
2. In the main menu, click Downloads > Form 16A.
3. You can either download file for all PANs or for selected PANs. For all PANs, you need to select FY and Quarter. For Selected PANs, you have to select PANs from the given list.
4. Validation Screen will appear. Enter validation details. This will also generate an authentication code.
5. Details of authorized signatory will be picked up from “profile” and displayed.
6. Click Submit.
7. File will be available in Download > Requested Downloads.

To view the e- tutorial on how to download Form 16A, click here

Rather than going through the above mentioned steps, Deductors can easily download TDS certificate from the TRACES website using TDSMAN software. The software is fully integrated with TRACES and helps downloading of TDS certificate from the software itself.


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